See-Alpaka bedding

restful, deep & relaxed sleep

has a direct impact on your wellbeing and health. When you sleep, your body and mind relax. Decisive factors for this are the temperature, the pillow and the blanket. With bedding filled with wool from Weyregger Alpacas, you create the best conditions for a restful sleep.


Why alpaca bedding?

Alpaca fiber is:      

temperature equalizing


moisture regulating    


suitable for allergy sufferers       


sustainable - regional


our offer

Our bedding is filled with the best fleece quality, washed by hand and without the addition of chemical agents. The bedding is covered with the finest GOTS-certified organic cotton.

You can get the following products from us:
Alpaca summer blanket with 1000g filling (140x200cm)
Alpaka 4 - season blanket with 1200g filling (140x200cm)
Alpaca winter blanket with 1400g filling (140x200cm)
Alpaca pillow (40x80cm)
Alpaca lower bed (90x200cm)

We are also happy to produce special dimensions according to your wishes and ideas.

Nature purifies itself

Alpaca wool naturally has a high self-cleaning power. Therefore, alpaca bedding does not normally have to be cleaned. Bring the duvet to where it was made: into nature.
The alpaca fiber cleans itself through regular ventilation in the fresh air.
(The bedding can also be washed by hand without any problems)