The woolly relatives of the camels

Like their "big" brothers, the old world camels, alpacas are callous soles.
Compared to the camels, however, they are much lighter and more delicate.
They only weigh between around 35 and 80 kilograms.
For a long time they were considered "exotic" outside their original home and were mainly kept in zoos.

Alpacas come from South America.

Their main area of distribution is in the high plateaus of the Andes, the Altiplano.

The large area around today's border between Peru, Bolivia and Chile with Lake Titicaca in the center is considered the area of origin of the main population of alpacas.

There you will find large herds and alpaca farms.


The luxury of nature

An alpaca provides around 2 kg to 5 kg of wool per year.

The alpaca fiber is one of the most valuable and exclusive natural fibers in the world because it has a very good insulating capacity (hollow fiber), is indescribably soft and fluffy and has a noble sheen.

Often compared to cashmere, it is more durable, with less pilling and unwanted wrinkles.

The fiber is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers as it does not contain lanolin.

The alpaca fibers are processed in their natural colors (22 basic colors plus color shades), which is why no chemical treatment is necessary for these natural fibers.